This man literally caught a monster

This amazing video is featuring Yuri Grisendi and his team catching a monster like fish over 100 kg. He is racking up millions of YouTube views by uploading this ultimate video of fishing. In addition to the millions of views, he has received over 5000 likes as well for this awesome video. There are many other videos of him uploaded on internet by “Catfishing Around the World by Yuri Grisendi”. But this is one of the best videos of him i have ever seen on internet.

Yuri works as a Fisherman at “Catfishing Around the World by Yuri Grisendi” and as a Field Tester at Daiwa Italia. He lives in Cavriago. In this video he is fishing in the river Po in Italy with his team mates. They are talking to each other and eating some fast food while fishing. Yuri is sitting with a fishing rod in his hands. It seems like he has got the fish and now he is pulling it up. In between he stands up and then aging sits and spools the spinning reel to bring the fish on the boat. He asks his friend to give him a bite from the bread.

After a long wait the fish comes up and it looks heavy. Cameraman takes pictures of the fish. Fish tries to swim away but Yuri does not let it go away, he pulls the fish in the boat. The fish is just like a sea monster, it is as long as Yuri. It took about 40 minutes hard fight for him to catch this monster. Later, Yuri cleans this monster and leaves it into the river. He lets it go in the end. They have taken some pictures with this monster fish which are shown in the end in this video.

Thanks for watching this amazing video about catching a river monster and i hope you like it.

Race between car and aircraft

You might have watched so many races but have you ever watched a race between a car and an aircraft ? An Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo visited an Air Force base in Australia to have the experience of racing with an aircraft. He met Royal Australian Air Force F/A – 18 Hornet pilot Michael Keightley there. Both are having two of the best careers in the world and they both are enjoying their professions. Both are highly skilled and trained.

Both are sharing their experiences. Michael is graduated form a university and he is an Royal Air Force pilot and Daniel is currently competing in Formula One for Infiniti Red Bull Racing. He has won the British Formula Three Championship in 2009. Daniel drifts the car and looks really awesome. They both take their machines to the starting point and leaves at the same time leaving dust behind. While on the runway, car leaves the aircraft behind but when aircraft takes off the ground, it leaves car miles behind. Both of them perform stunts, Daniel on the ground and Michael in the air.

Looking down when you are in aircraft, is always a great experience. Michael tell he has been flying Hornet for last four years since he joined Air Force. He tells that he really enjoys flying Hornet, both of them are living their dreams. Both play other sports as well like cricket, rug-bee and basketball. Daniel tells that he loves speed and sometimes he takes bike on hills. They both have worked really hard in their respective fields to achieve, what they have today. I can not think of anything else besides a racing car and an aircraft. Most of us have a dream to drive a racing car or flying an aircraft. Both machines are crazy in the velocity. The noise which comes out when both machines get start, is really awesome.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.