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High Speed Chopping Master

Do you want to learn how to chop fast ? Watch this video of an Indian chef chopping onions like a machine. The video was first posted by “Street Food & Travel TV India” channel and then it has been shared on many other websites. People are liking this Indian fastest chopping master in the street kitchen of India. He is not educated and not even trained by someone professional. He just learned it by doing it everyday by himself. This chef has received thousands of likes on internet.

He chops onions like no one else can do. He does not even need to pay attention while chopping. He looks to the camera and keeps on chopping onions. He has chopped around 6 onions in just 59 seconds. He is working in one of the street restaurants in India. He trained himself without any help from any professional. As i have visited so many restaurants but i have never seen any chef like him.

Many people have skills or fast chopping or cutting but this is something awesome about cooking. We can not chop like him, not me at least, as i have already tried this at my home. He is the real master chef in the street kitchen of India. You can learn from him how to chop fast, even faster than any machine.

This channel is the only channel which is located and operated from a small village, Khijadiya, Jamnagar, Gujrat, India. These guys make documentaries and films on almost all the topics related to India. Once again this video proves that Indian chefs are awesome, they know the art of spices as India is the land of spice.

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