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The Community Mint After a present journey to Dahlonega, Georgia, I’m wound up being taken in with

wish to understand more about the United States Mint that had in fact existed and its

history. To state that “The Neighborhood Mint: Dahlonega in the Age of Jackson” by Sylvia Head, Elizabeth W. Etheridge, used me all the

information I ever want to understand would be an understatement. Their 200-page book is filled with truths, figures, stories, and bits of history that typically were aggravating. In some cases you get the experience

the authors are “beating a dead horse”, nevertheless I was never ever delegated

tricks or unanswered issues.

Being a student of United States coins, I was interested concerning the function politics.

played in the coinage of our loan, center of mints, and whom

the mints utilized. The authors drill down deep into the characters

and intents of the particular players. In addition, I was mesmerized

To discover that Dahlonega was the site of the initial American gold rush,not California. The Dahlonega mint never ever did produce the coinage Gotten ready for by its designers for lots of aspects, which is talked about. I would not encourage this book to the fainthearted.,

if you are history lover, coin collector, or a student of politics, this is a. outstanding read. Stay away if you are not.

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